Finally Gabby Bernstein is coming to town


re you ready to accept guidance from the universe no matter what currently seems to be blocking you? Are you ready to do the “inner work”? Are you ready to choose love? Are you ready to listen to one of the world’s most inspiring spiritual leaders?

Finally, Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein is coming to Sweden to speak about her latest #1 New York Times bestselling book – Spirit Junkie, The Universe Has Your Back. On September 2nd Gabby will take the stage in Stockholms Hagapark with Wild Wood Sweden. I will be onsite with Jimmy Tjärnlund speaking the day after. It’s a 3-day weekend event with different inspiration activities. You can purchase the entire package or just come on Saturday for Bernstein.

I was introduced to Gabby many years ago when I lived in New York City. A friend of mine from the PR industry told me about a spirituell group she attended weekly with a fantastisk woman. I was curious and grabbed a copy of her first book that evening. During the past years, I have turned to Gabby’s YouTube videos for wisdom and reminders. She stands up for her beliefs and faith, works hard on her ego and demonstrates how you can choose love on a daily basis, in any situation. A true inspiration! And you have the chance to meet her this fall.

Have a beautiful summer and hopefully we’ll see you for a magic autumn weekend with Gabrielle Bernstein.


Filippa, Raw Clarity


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